Why join us?


As a visitor

If you are a visitor coming through our city, a Swiss living in Canada, simply interested in choral music— or just missed our last concert and can’t make it to the next one— we welcome you to come and visit us.

We can usually be found at our practice sessions on Tuesdays from 7:30 – 9:30 pm at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 10014 – 81 Ave,   in Edmonton.  Our doors are open until approx. 8:30 pm, and if you want to ensure we are there, you may want to contact us beforehand.  We might enjoy your company over a glass of wine later.


As a member

We take pride in our singing but we are amateurs at heart, and we all have busy lives that limit our involvement. Although we are fortunate to have some excellent singers in our ranks, most of us have learned by simply joining.

We practice once per week from fall to spring, have some additional performances, and try to attend at least 60% of our events.


All you need is an interest in singing men’s choral music, and a willingness to learn the pronunciation of different languages of cultural groups we represent.  Slightly less than half of us are Swiss. We welcome and enjoy the diversity of all backgrounds in our choir, and the enriching fellowship that grows from there on our shared Canadian basis.  If you are interested in growing with us in our appreciation of choral music— you are welcome to join us!

Contact us @

Edmonton Swiss Men’s Choir Association

# 102, 5104  –  82 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6B  0E6

president@esmca.ca  or secretary@esmca.ca